Customer Service

Now you can easily contact us if you have any queries and questions regarding taxi fleet either for making a booking or your existing taxi bookings. We are always available to our customers by phone during the business hours and our support team gets in touch with you 24/7. For our customers we also started a well developed team of support so that you might send us a message regarding any customer services. We typically respond within few business hours.

Our Customers can choose between four classes of their personal transport services. In all our classes we compare and set a best benchmark those routes in the prices of many companies in the market place and become the tender for all our bookings and make a great name into the professional for our local market to get you the best in price-quality for your taxi ride with Mississauga Taxi Services. Therefore now for every occasion for our customers our support team is always works like a pro. We work for every possible budget that you’ll get the best quality for the most competitive prices among the whole Toronto. Our basic customer services are reliable taxi and best taxi transfer providers from all over the world, you will probably love to work with us. That’s not only because through Mississauga Taxi you can now ride for many big and smaller travel brands but also because we are good in keeping respect for local rates and legislation so that we can operate a best taxi ride tender system in which each services provider make sure to see customers first and you will gets a fair chance rides based on our service quality (customer reviews) and the fairness of pricing (price benchmark system for every customer).

Corporate and Regular Travel Requirements

If our customers need any help in organizing the big group transfers and mass staff outing related to their corporate business type, then you’ve come and chose the perfect and right place for taxi services. Mississauga taxi services are specializing in group transfers of any size and types of airport corporate travel transportation. From small groups with multiple transportation needs like regular travelling to large groups requiring big vehicles like a limo, Vans or even a coach, we at Mi-Taxi do it all. We’re a lot of more flexible according to our basic victors coming to the city and customers from the city. You can simply organize your transportation tailored specifically to your choice of needs or just leave the planning to us. For our Regular and Corporate travelers we have a dedicated accounts manager/ for easy booking agent who will always try to take care of scheduling journeys in Mississauga and keep you always ensuring everything goes smoothly at the time of the transfers for best taxi services in Ontario. Now you will also have a direct access for fleets and regular communication with our team of controllers and get proper live updates on chauffeurs/driver/passenger and fleet status.

Have questions?

Do you have any questions? Don’t ever hesitate to contact us! If you have any questions related to your fleet bookings and taxi services, please feel free to contact our Customer support.

about Mississauga Taxi

Mississauga Taxi is located in the heart of Mississauga offering a comprehensive range of taxi services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have wide range of new Sedan cars, Mini-Vans, Vans and accessible Vans. When you need prompt, dependable transportation, you can count on Mississauga Taxi to deliver you to your destination. We have been providing passengers with safe and speedy delivery to numerous arrival points throughout Mississauga area for many years.


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