How to Save Airport Taxi Fare for Travel?

airport taxi

Who doesn’t like to save money while travelling ? We all like to save money especially when it comes to inconsequential but small necessary travels to and from the airport. But, airport taxi travel is an expensive affair due to the erratic but yet high demand at the airports.

These days taxis have intense competition in the private transportation space with Uber and limousine fleets grabbing the market share. In response to this the best taxi services in Mississauga are also competing hard to maintain their share of the pie by accommodating passenger requests. If you too are a frequent traveler you will appreciate the few tricks jotted below to save some precious dollars on taxi rates.

Flat Rates
Ask for a flat and fixed taxi rate. Most taxi drivers will agree for a flat rate of travel, especially for a good long distance travel. This will save you from the mandatory meter charges like travel time, fixed rate per mile, congestion rate, etc.
On an average you can save around 10% of the total taxi fare on asking for a Mississauga airport taxi flat rate.

Checking for Surcharge

Is your taxi travel scheduled at night or daytime? Ask the driver when surcharge time starts and if you can start the ride before surcharge time begins for your ride. This is when asking for a flat fixed rate is viable. A flat fixed rate will evade surcharges and make your taxi trip cheaper. The best taxi companies Mississauga will agree to a flat fixed rate, so ask for it!
The best is if you can avoid travel by taxi during surcharge hours.

Directions with the Shortest Route

If you know the route of your travel and know the shortcuts that save travel time and meter cost then tell your driver. And, in case you don’t know the route then ask your driver to take the shortest route possible. Sometimes, the driver may take the longer route to save marginal traffic congestion’s on the small route. Ask and question the driver!

Although cheap taxi services like Mi-Taxi are available freely and off the roads do remember the taxis that we are talking about are metered. The meter will jump start as soon as you seat yourself in the taxi. So, shoot out the pointers above to the taxi driver as soon as you can and save your dollars now!