Mississauga: World-Class Business Hub


Home to the headquarters of more than seventy of Canada’s Fortune 500 companies as well as over thirteen hundred multinational firms, Mississauga is a prime destination for global businesses looking to make waves in the Canadian market. Far from being ‘just a suburb of Toronto’, Mississauga has every business amenity covered, and then some: World-class hotels, excellent proximity to Toronto’s Pearson airport, and a relatively hassle-free commute to downtown Toronto make it an attractive destination for continent-hopping CEO’s. For those looking to expand or develop, Mississauga boasts more than twenty-eight million square feet of dedicated office space and over two thousand acres of vacant land ready to be reimagined. The city is also home to some of the country’s top executive talent, as the vibrant business community continues to attract a workforce that is as dynamic as it is diverse. World leaders in industries that focus on high tech, IT technologies, life sciences, financial services, pharmaceutical research and manufacturing, hotel operations, food and beverage, retail and more make their headquarters here, and it’s no surprise to anybody that their numbers continue to grow. It’s due in no small part to the city’s economic developers, who put a great deal of effort into attracting global business leaders, making it easy for them to settle, grow and expand in a highly stimulated environment.

Knowing that so many top multinationals make their home in Mississauga, it stands to reason that there would be plenty of opportunities for job seekers across all sectors. In fact, Mississauga was ranked as number two out of all large-population Canadian cities for job opportunities by the annual Hot Job Markets survey. Standing at number ten in Canada overall, they jumped up from number sixteen in the previous year, showing excellent potential for further growth in years to come. Fostering the skilled work force and feeding talent into the community are the many colleges and university campuses in the city. Sheridan College was recently ranked at the number one school for applied research, a field of study that focuses on practical problem solving of real world challenges and a major catalyst for innovation. Additionally, there are several colleges and learning institutions dedicated to business and financial education, offering accreditations ranging from CPA to MBA and everything in between, making for a ready pool of new graduates who are eager to make a difference.

Sheridan College

Mississauga is a city dedicated to a sustainable business community, and has recently become involved with Partners In Project Green. In collaboration with its initiators, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority and regional conservation authorities, it’s a growing collection of organizations that have dedicated themselves to creating the most extensive eco-business zone in the world. Businesses, local government, utilities and institutions of all kinds are getting together to advance their shared goal of shaping a local economy that is both strong and green. By collaborating with like minded partners and with the Toronto Pearson Airport as its hub, they hope to stimulate green initiatives that will have a profound impact on bottom lines across the board. Since its inception in 2008, Partners in Project Green have managed to divert almost one thousand tonnes of waste from local landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over fifty three hundred tonnes and achieved significant water footprint offsets. Dedicated to assuring a sustainable future for the city and all its residents, Mississauga continues to strive towards their goal of building a strong economy that is as green as it is progressive.

Partners In Project Green

Aside from its burgeoning business community, Mississauga is a very desirable location to settle down and raise a family. It boasts high safety ratings and low crime, several excellent schools and colleges, and its residential neighborhoods are as beautiful and diverse as could be. There is plenty of green space and parks for children to play, and the public transit system is one of the best in Canada. You might even say that Mississauga has it all: community, industry, education, and job opportunities abound, which might just make it the perfect place to call home. If you’re new to Mississauga, or considering a move to the area, make sure you call Mississauga Taxi to help you get around while you’re exploring – our drivers know the city inside and out, and can help get you where you need to be in comfort and style. Here’s to your bright future in Mississauga!